Air Products UltraFill 99+ Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Product # UltraFill 99+

UltraFill99+ Nitrogen System provides the highest purity Nitrogen for tire inflation presently available today. Higher purity Nitrogen allows greater concentration in the tire in less time.

Versatile and Compact, it has a large self-contained 150 gallon storage unit, advanced technology that translates to superior performance. Brand new Nitrogen tire inflation system.

Included are sales promotional and selling tools to assist you in building consumer awareness and interest. All of the items are designed to be used in your showroom or to provide to your customers. Included items are:

Vehicle door jam stickers – Stickers should be put inside the door jam on each car that gets nitrogen filled tires.

Green plastic valve caps and rings – These will alert whoever is inflating the tires in the future.

Pressure check stickers – Recommended for the front window reminding owners about the importance of checking their tire pressure regularly.

Trifold pamphlets – Provides brief overview of the benefits of nitrogen.

Counter top sign with pamphlet holder – Holds trifold pamphlets.

Laminated selling cards – Contains facts about nitrogen tire inflation

Sales personnel buttons – Recommended for your sales/service staff. They stimulate questions.

Tire rack inserts – Set of signs designed to be inserted in the tire display in your showroom.

Window cling posters – May be hung on any showroom window.

Consumer video DVD – Contains continuous loop of short video clips covering the topics of performance, safety, longer tire life and convenience. Key concerns of customers.

Sales personnel training kit – A DVD and 5 booklets describing nitrogen tire inflation and it’s advantages.

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